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Fill in your details for a complementary 20 minute call where we will do the health and energy questionnaire and discuss 3 changes that you can make right now to move to better health!

Welcome to Nikki Wilson

I am Nikki Wilson and I believe that every woman needs to have the opportunity to prioritize their health and self-care so that they have more energy and are even better able to support their families. Whether you chose a group or one-on-one program, my focus is on supporting you with up-to-date nutrition education as well as coaching. Napoleon Hill said “Don’t wait, the time will never be just right.” He is right! Fill in your details for a free 20 minute discussion where we do the health and energy questionnaire and I will share 3 tips that you can implement immediately to get you on the road to more energy and better health.

What My Clients Say

Sara-Jane and John-Paul

Nikki’s approach is clear, logical
and detailed so we knew
exactly what to do.

CA, a granny, age 59

The best result I have had, is
that (with plenty of support!) to take
responsibility for my own health.

Leanne – Mom to Josh

Her gentle manner coupled with a
deep and thorough knowledge of nutrition
and the entire body’s needs

Team Leader, Jan 2017

Working with Nikki has been eye-opening.
She made our staff members
think of health and wellness in a fresh way.

My Partners

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